Tetra Ethylene Pentamine

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Tetraethylene pentamine,

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Phenol-formaldehyde, cross-linked, tetraethylenepentamine activated is used as a food additive.

Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical state and Appearance : Clear, yellow, viscous liquid
Color : Colorless to light yellow
Odor : Ammoniacal. Disagreeable. Penetrating
Boiling Point : 340.3°C (644.5°F)
Melting Point : -30°C (-22°F)
Specific Gravity : 0.998 (Water = 1)
Solubility : Soluble in cold water, hot water. Soluble in most organic solvents
Assay (Pentamines) : min. 95.0% (GLC)
Light Ends : Max. 3% (GLC)
Heavy Ends : Max. 3% (GLC)
Water : Max. 0.5% (KF titr.)

TEPA is a highly reactive chemical used as a building block to produce a wide variety of products. It is used to produce:

Epoxy curing agents – to enhance the performance and application of epoxy coatings, adhesives, laminates, castings, and grouts.

Lubrication oil additives – to reduce sludge and varnish build-up in engine oils.

Polyamide resins – for varnishes, adhesives, and binders for printing inks.

Fuel additives – to enhance detergents used to control fuel system deposits.

Asphalt additives – as an adhesion promoter between mineral aggregates and asphalt for paving material and to aid in the formation of asphalt-in-water emulsions.

Corrosion inhibitors – to slow corrosion in petroleum production operations.

Paper additives – to promote wet-strength properties in paper towels and tissues.

Surfactants – for mild soaps and detergents with good foaming characteristics.

Hydrocarbon purification – to remove small concentrations of sulfur compounds from Hydrocarbons.

Mineral processing aids – to aid in the removal of silica impurities in certain ores by flotation techniques.

Oil production chemicals – for corrosion inhibitors, demulsifiers, and neutralizers, as well as functional additives that enhance certain separation techniques.