Sodium Borohydride – Granular

Cas Number

16940-66-2, 15681-89-7 (2D4)

Other Names

Sodium boranuide

The formula



Sodium borohydride, also known as sodium tetrahydridoborate and sodium tetrahydroborate, is an inorganic compound. This white solid, usually encountered as a powder, is a versatile reducing agent that finds wide application in chemistry, both in the laboratory and on a technical scale. It has been tested as pre-treatment for pulping of wood, but is too costly to be commercialized. The compound is soluble in alcohols and certain ethers but reacts with water in the absence of a base.

Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical state and Appearance : White Crystalline Power
Flash point : 70 °C
Melting Point : Decomposes.
Specific Gravity : 1.074 (Water = 1)
Vapor Density : 1.3 (Air = 1)
Dispersion Properties : See solubility in water
Solubility : Easily soluble in cold water
Identification Tests : Solution is clear
Loss on Dry : Not more than 0.2 %
Assay : ≥ 98%

The principle application of sodium borohydride is the production of sodium dithionite.

It is widely used in the production of various antibiotics including chloramphenicol, dihydrostreptomycin, and thiophenicol.

It is also used in Perfumery industries.