Neo pentyl glycol

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2,2-Dimethyl-1, 3-propanediol

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Neopentyl glycol (IUPAC name: 2,2-dimethylpropane-1,3-diol) is an organic chemical compound. It is used in the synthesis of polyesters, paints, lubricants, and plasticizers. When used in the manufacture of polyesters, it enhances the stability of the product towards heat, light, and water. By esterification reaction with fatty or carboxylic acids, synthetic lubricating esters with reduced potential for oxidation or hydrolysis, compared to natural esters, can be produced.

Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical state and Appearance : Liquid.
Odor : Characteristic odor of esters. (Slight.)
Color : Colorless.
Boiling Point : 160°C (320°F)
Critical Temperature : 267°C (512.6°F)
Flash point : OPEN CUP: 52.2°C (126°F).
Melting Point : -75°C (-103°F)
Specific Gravity : 0.8936 (Water = 1)
Vapor Pressure : 0.7 kPa (@ 20°C)
Vapor Density : 4.8 (Air = 1)
Solubility : Partially soluble in diethyl ether. Insoluble in cold water, hot water.
Free Acid (As MMA),% : 0.0001
Purity (%) : 99.92
Water (%) : 0.015
Inhibitor : MEHQ 100.00 ppm

It is widely used as an intermediate for base resins for coatings, especial gel coats and powdered coat

It is also used as an intermediate in alkyd, polyester and polyurethane resin for water and solvent base coatings

Intermediate for hydraulic fluids, synthetic lubricants oil, grease, metal working fluids, and air craft engine lubricants

Textile, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, plasticizers and petroleum