Methyl Cyanoacetate

Cas Number


Other Names

Malonic methyl ester nitrile

Methyl cyanoethanoate

Cyanoacetic acid methyl ester

2-cyanoacetic acid, methyl ester

The formula



Methyl cyanoacetate clear colorless to very slighlty yellow liquid and having applicaton in pharmaceutical intermediate.

Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical state and Appearance : clear to very light yellow liquid
Molecular Weight: 99.09gm/mol
Color: clear to very light yellow
Boiling Point(˚C): 204 - 207 C
Melting Point: -13 C
Specific Gravity: 1.123
Autoignition 478 C
Refractive index: 1.4180 - 1.4190
Flash point: 110 C
Stability: Stable under ordinary conditions. Color turns dark upon exposure to light
Flash point: 110 C
Solubility in water: practically insoluble
Solvent solubility: Ethanol, Diethyl ether: unlimited miscible

Methyl cyanoacetate are basic chemical intermediates for the production of:

• Malonates

• Barbitals

• Caffeine, Betaine, Vitamin B

• Pharamceuticals

• Glycine

• Surfactancts

• Agrochemicals

• Dyestuffs

• Adhesives

• Indigo dyes

• Herbicides

• Engineering plastics