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Isophorone is an α,β-unsaturated cyclic ketone. It is a colorless liquid with a characteristic peppermint-like odor, although commercial samples can appear yellowish. Used as a solvent and as a precursor to polymers, it is produced on a large scale industrially.

Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical state and appearance Solid
Odor Mild phenolic
Molecular Weight 228.29 g mol−1
pH (1% soln/water) NE
Color Slight yellow liquid with camphor odor
Boiling Point 220 °C (493 K) / 4 mmHg
Flash point 227°C
Melting Point 158 to 159 °C (430 K)
Specific Gravity 0.923 @ 20° C
Vapor Pressure 41 PA @ 20° C
Vapor Density 5.7
Odor Threshold 0.2 PPM
Solubility 12G/L @ 20° C
Acidity (as acetic acid) wt% 0.01 max.
Purity (total ketone), wt% 99 min
Water content 0.1 max.

1. In the construction industry, Isophorone is used as corrosion protection on bridges, scaffolding or sluices

2. Isophorone is added to automobile paint and it improves the properties of fuel and oil filters as a special coating for paper

3. Isophorone is used as an intermediate in manufacturing mainly polyurethane field compounds such as Isophorone Diamine, Isophorone Di isocyanate. It is also used as a chemical intermediate and as an ingredient in wood preservatives and floor sealants

4. Isophorone is used as a solvent in some printing inks, paints, varnishes, lacquers, adhesives, copolymers, PVC, coatings, finishing and pesticides. It is a preferred solvent for many natural and synthetic polymers, resins, fats, and oils

5. It is also used in formulating Pesticides, Herbicides as an inert ingredient. It is used in vinyl chloride/acetate-based coating systems for metal cans, other metal paints, nitrocellulose finishes, and printing inks for plastics