Hydroxylamine Sulfate

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Hydroxylamine sulfate

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Hydroxylammonium sulfate (NH3OH)2SO4, is the sulfuric acid salt of hydroxylamine. It is primarily used as an easily handled form of hydroxylamine, which is explosive when pure.

Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical state and appearance Colorless Solid. (Crystalline solid.)
Molecular Weight 164.14 g/mole
Boiling Point 126.5°C (259.7°F)
Melting Point Decomposes. (170°C or 338°F)
Specific Gravity 1.67 (Water = 1)
Content 99.6 %
Ammonium sulphate content 0.19 %
Chloride content < 1 ppm
Content of heavy metals( calculated as Pb without Fe) < 1 ppm
Iron content 1.1 ppm

1. Hydroxylammonium sulfate is used in the production of anti-skinning agents, pharmaceuticals, rubber, textiles, plastics and detergents

2. It is a radical scavenger that terminates radical polymerization reactions and serves as an antioxidant in natural rubber; it is also a starting material for some insecticides, herbicides and growth regulators

3. It is used in photography as a stabilizer for colour developers and as an additive in photographic emulsions in colour film