PU Division

The DOW & its polyurethane business have been major global contributors of technology, products and services since late 1950’s. Dow is the world’s largest producer of polyols as well quality aromatic isocyanates, Dow Polyurethanes is a global leader in the development and manufacture of a broad range polyurethane products and systems that create rigid, semi-rigid, flexible polyurethane foams, adhesives, sealants, coatings, elastomers and binders.

We provide not only a product but also a valuable service, which includes:

- Advance stock of desired product

- Affordable pricing

- Just In time delivery

- Warehouse facility

- Improvised Technical & Material Safety Data Sheets

- Technical support after dispatch

- Complete know-how of a product

- Up-to date information of Market trend & Upcoming Products

- Excellent Customer support, before & after

- Expert Suggestion for better output

We care:

- Our experts have understood the Indian polyurethane market and revalorized polyurethane systems according to individual customer specifications

- Over the years we have provided high-quality polyurethane systems which helped thousands of Indian customers to run their business and enhance their potential and still moving ahead to reach new milestones

- We cater up-to-date information to create products which are considered best in their field of application

All this makes our product optimal for Polyurethane consumers.

We recognize that in today’s highly volatile market only offering competitive price is not enough to satisfy customer and ensure their loyalty. Our goal is to educate the customer to be technically sound by providing information on technical aspects and safety norms, which will results into a thoroughly unforgettably enjoyable experience.

We believe in, escalating new verticals & responding to your need – just in time!!!

Rigid Polyurethane Foam

Multiple grades are derived for a wide range of molded and free rise density, handy cream and reaction time, suitable for hand as well machine mix.

- CR-936 & CR-935 polyols designed for commercial refrigerators, freezer insulations, ice boxes, water heaters and solar water heater insulations.

- CD-786 Polyol designed for manufacturing of insulating panels, doors

- CS 1271 Polyol specially designed for high density requirements, suitable for cavity filling for insulating pipe and tank insulations. Unique system with Polyol/Isocyanate ration of 1:1

- CD-345, SC-432 and CR-761, Isocyanates are compatible to suit all range of polyols for rigid foam applications

Industry Solutions

Construction- Cold room panel, Insulated Roof Panels, HVAC , Insulated Door , Industrial Insulation.

Appliances- Deep freezer , Refrigerators, ice box, thermoware, Solar Water Heater

Automotive- Dairy Vehicle, Refrigerated Vehicle

Flexible Foam System

Flexible foam products can be made with properties ranging from softness of very low density flexible foam to high strength of elastomeric bubble-free casting. Small density variation can cause drastic change in physical properties of foam; hence multiple grades are developed for entire range.

HM-695, NF-765,  NF-497 and  NF-879 are polyol grades, used in manufacturing of Small and big pads, with and without insert, especially for furnishing and automotive applications.

NF -706 AND HE 434 is designed for molded pillows and mattresses.

Choice of isocyanate is very important factor in Flexible foam manufacture. NE-134, NE-150 are general grades designed for flexible foam according to the desired foam properties.

Industry Solutions

Automotive- Automotive seating and automotive inner components

Furniture- Sofa, Chair And molded mattress

Viscoelastic (memory Foam )polyurathane Chemical System

Viscoelastic Polyurathane  HK 641 Polyol / HE 146 Isocyanate system is designed for the manufacture of discontinuous block targeted at end applications such as pillows, mattresses, mattress toppers and other pressure relief pads where low-resilience and slow rate of recovery is desired.

The all MDI based and fully water blown system has a nominal density range from 40 to 45 kg/m3 and is phthalate and tin free and low odor.

Characterized by its wide working window, changing the isocyanate/polyol ratio can with benefit be used to adjust the material properties from soft and faster recovery to firm and slower recovery matching the requirements of individual applications.

Industry Solutions

Furniture- Mattress and seating

Medical- Orthopaedic seating and body support

Integral Skin Polyurathane Chemical System

Manufacture of furniture arm rests, Two wheelers saddles, Computer parts, Car bumpers, Electrical housing panels, Computer and Telecommunication equipment enclosures are some of the parts produced with polyurethanes via RIM process.

Polyol NR-942 with Isocyanate NE 113 specialized system is designed to meet the specifications of Integral Skin foam.

Characterized by its wide working window, changing the isocyanate/polyol ratio can with benefit be used to adjust the material properties from soft and faster recovery to firm and slower recovery matching the requirements of individual applications.

Industry Solutions

Automotive- Automotive Arm rests,  automotive safety guards, gear knob, steering wheel

Furniture- Chair Arm rests


(Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants And Elastomers) Polyurathane Chemical System

Polyurethane Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers (CASE). Wide range of polyurethane systems are designed for the production of adhesives, coatings, elastomers and sealants, including binders, electrical encapsulation, filter gaskets etc.

FD 402h Polyol, Two components polyurethane adhesive designed for the production of oil and diesel filters for the automotive industry.

FT 615 Polyol and Specfil FE 124 Isocyanate. The unique HCFC free system is an elastomeric polyurethane foam system. It is suitable to use as a thixotropic Foam in Place gasket in automotive, electrical enclosures etc.

RR 1008 Isocyanate is a MDI based prepolymer that is useful as a binder for agglomeration of rubber particles.