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Butyraldehyde, also known as butanal, is an organic compound with the formula CH3(CH2)2CHO. This compound is the aldehyde derivative of butane. It is a colourless flammable liquid with an acrid smell. It is miscible with most organic solvents.

Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical state and appearance Liquid.
Odor Aldehyde like. (Strong.)
Molecular Weight 72.11 g/mole
Color Colorless
Boiling Point 74.8°C (166.6°F)
Critical Temperature 251°C (483.8°F)
Flash point -7° C
Melting Point -96.4 (-141.5°F)
Vapor Pressure 12.3 kPa (@ 20°C)
Vapor Density 2.5 (Air = 1)
Volatility 99% (v/v).
Dispersion Properties See solubility in water, methanol, diethyl ether, n-octanol, acetone.
Solubility Soluble in methanol, diethyl ether, n-octanol, acetone. Insoluble in cold water.
Acidity as butyric acid, % (m/m) 0.3
Water, % (m/m) 0.006
n-Butyraldehyde, % (m/m) 99
Isobutraldehyde, % (m/m) 0.3
Specific gravity @20/20 °c 0.807

1. Rubber accelerators, synthetic resins, perfumes, pesticides, crop-protection chemicals, pharmaceuticals

2. Butyraldehyde is an intermediate for the chemical industry

3. It is used for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, crop protection products, pesticides, synthetic resins, antioxidants, vulcanization accelerators, tanning auxiliaries and perfumes